Dual Voltage 6 port Baybus Blue/Red

Dual Voltage 6 port Baybus Blue/Red
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Product Description

A new revision of the baybus! Custom manufactured , the new kit sets a new standard in baybus design. The 6 port setup lets you control 50% more fans than any other standard baybus available today. The extra 2 switches forced another design change, moving the wire screw downs and the 4 pin power connector to the back of the PCB, which means they're easier to use.

Each switch is rated to a spec of 8W of power, which is 33% higher than the classic 6W for older baybus designs. This means that you have a fair bit more overhead for hooking up a more powerful fan/more fans.


6 independant fan channels

Bi-Color LED on each switch (High- red, low- blue, Off- off)

8W per channel (pre-production units tested stable and safe at 14W on each channel at once, for a total power consumption of 84W across the baybus.)

Easy Access screw down terminals located on the rear of the PCB instead of the front.

4 pin molex connection also located on rear of PCB for easier access.

Pot located at top of unit (one for each switch) for adjusting the low voltage level. Adjusts from 7-9V (Higher voltages are required for fans such as sunons that won't run at 7volts)

There's the hard stats on the hardware itself, now here's what you'll get when you see one:

The baybus PCB which comes with all 6 switches and LEDs pre-installed.

A lexan drill template for the 5 1/4" bay cover (already has adhesive installed on the plate for mounting)

6 LED clip holders for the LED holes

Detailed instructions explaining installation and setup

1 year warranty against defects.