Dual Voltage 6 Port Baybus w/ Blue/Red LED

Dual Voltage 6 Port Baybus w/ Blue/Red LED
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Product Description

Description: The 6 port setup lets you control 50% more fans than any other standard baybus available today. The extra 2 switches forced another design change, moving the wire screw downs and the 4 pin power connector to the back of the PCB, which means they're easier to use.

6 independant fan channels

Bi-Color LED on each switch (High- red, low- blue, Off- off)

8W per channel (pre-production units tested stable and safe at 14W on each channel at once, for a total power consumption of 84W across the baybus.)

Easy Access screw down terminals located on the rear of the PCB instead of the front.

4 pin molex connection also located on rear of PCB for easier access.

Pot located at top of unit (one for each switch) for adjusting the low voltage level. Adjusts from 7-9V (Higher voltages are required for fans such as sunons that won't run at 7volts)

The baybus PCB which comes with all 6 switches and LEDs pre-installed.

A lexan drill template for the 5 1/4" bay cover (already has adhesive installed on the plate for mounting)