Xoxide Easter Egg Hunt!

Our annual Easter Egg hunt is back! We're bringing you all the fun of an Easter egg hunt, but without all the bad side effects...you know, the UV rays of the sun eating at your skin, the pollen causing your eyes to water, the undiscovered rotting eggs stinking up your yard.

We've hidden 4 eggs on different product pages on our site. Each egg will have a letter. Once you discover all 4 eggs, put the letters in the same order as the clues to form a 4 letter word. That word is a coupon, good for a free secret Easter gift. Enter it during checkout to get your multi-color surprise. Isn't that easy? Yeah, we know there are a lot of products, so we'll give you 4 hints to help you find them. You've got until Monday, April 9th to figure out the clues.

1. If you want to spray paint your case in the color of the Easter Bunny, you'll need some of this.

2. You'll see all the different Easter egg colors displayed on your monitor on the wall behind you with this new accessory.

3. If you got some of this powder in your Easter basket, take a vial and you'll be ready to go hunting eggs all day long!

4. Cruise on over to the case section to find this second generation case in one of several great Easter colors!

Happy hunting!