ECT Prometeia Mach II GT - AMD 64 Kit

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Product Description

Air cooling…gone with the wind. Water cooling…all washed up. Peltiers…so elementary school. Traditional cooling methods not cutting the cheese for you? Extreme Cooling Technologies brings you the ultimate cooling solution. The Prometeia Mach II GT boasts an unbelievable -65°C at 0W, and a still bone chilling -30°C while absorbing 200W of heat!

Check out this amazing performance quote from ECT’s web site on their Mach II GT demo rig: 'The ECT Prometeia Mach II GT takes the system's Intel Pentium 4 3.73EE processor to an amazing stable 5.4Ghz where the CPU really shows it's full potential. Built around an ABIT AA8XE Fatal1ty motherboard featuring the Intel i925XE chipset the system bus is pumped to 386MHz which is more than a 1500MHz quad-pumped bus!'

The sleek Mach II GT unit sits below your case, and can even be adorned to match your Lian-Li case with the optional Lian-Li Dress Up Kit. An optional user customizable LCD display in the color of your choice keeps you informed on the status and performance of your machine. EasyMod Kits allow you to install the Mach II GT not only on today’s hottest processors, but on future cutting edge CPUs.

So take overclocking to a stratospheric level with the Prometeia Mach II GT from Extreme Cooling Technologies!

  • Lowest CPU and Evaporator temperatures available on the market
  • Most powerful CPU cooling solution available on the market
  • Greatest overclocking potential and value for your money
  • Supports AMD and Intel processors with the use of the EasyMod CPU Kits
  • Windows desktop control via Prometeia Desktop Control Center and USB connection
  • 100% motherboard compatibility
  • Easily upgraded to next generation CPU’s and motherboards
  • No additional mounting tools required
  • Hose and evaporator can be rotated 360°
  • Originator of the aluminum design for Lian-Li cases
  • Mounting holes compatible with Enlight or Lian-Li cases
  • Emergency shut down features protect your hardware investment
  • Refrigerant: R404a
  • Cooling Performance: -65°C @ 0W / -30°C @ 200W
  • Case: Standard Black (Upgrade Option to Lian-Li Aluminum Casing)
  • Optional LCD Display: Blue, Green, or Orange
  • Optional EasyMod CPU Kits: Support for AMD Athlon XP, 64, and 64 FX, Intel P4, and future cutting edge processors
AMD 64 Kit Includes:
  • Prometeia Mach II GT Cooling Unit
  • Complete EasyMod AMD 64 Kit
  • Blue LCD Kit