3.5" Clear External Enclosure

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Product Description

This multi-function enclosure will allow you to turn a hard drive into an external hard drive to be able to take it with you and easily transfer information between computers. This unit will also allow you to turn ordinary CD-R and DVD-R drives into external drives as well. There is a plastic three sided hard dive cover to help protect the hard drive and to prevent overheating. There are also two different ways to attach this to your computer. It comes with a 3.5' bay adaptor, and also a PCI slot card adaptor. The flex holders will allow the unit to stand on it's side. If you are using a CD-ROM or a DVD-ROM dive instead of a hard drive, you can use the flex holders to hold the drive on it's side as well. The plastic cover will not be used when using CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. There are LED's inside the the rear drive connector, and also in the USB cable that will flash during data transmission.

This package includes:

  • External adapter ( box)
  • power set
  • power set
  • HDD cover
  • HDD holder
  • USB cable ( length : 1.0m)
  • Notebook ' T ' adapter kits