Enermax 80mm Fan with RPM Control Knob - UC-8ABS-B

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Product Description

Most computer users only need their fans droning away at full speed during intensive situations such as gaming and running multi-task environments. For most of us, we can just pop a fan controller into an empty drive bay, and we are set. But until now, computer users with smaller case designs were left covering their ears. Enermax has created a compact solution to bring adjustable fan control to users with limited chassis real estate, or anyone that wants to control just one fan. The UC-8ABS-B speed adjustable fan is an 80mm double ball bearing fan with a built in rheostat. The rheostat is housed inside the fan housing, and is accessible by inserting a knob into the appropriate fan screw hole. This fan is perfect for smaller ATX and MATX applications where you need the versatility of an adjustable fan, but dont have the luxury of a spare drive bay or PCI slot to mount a fan controller or rheostat. So do your ears, and peers ears a favor with the UC-8ABS-B Speed Adjustable Fan from Enermax.

  • Patented External RPM Control Dial
  • 3-pin connector for main board speed detection
  • High MTFB rated @ 80K hrs
  • Dual Ball Bearing Fan
  • Gold Fan Guard
  • Fan Dimension: 80 x 80 x 25mm
  • Fan Speed: 1200~2800 +/-10% RPM
  • Bearing Type: Dual Ball Bearing
  • Max Airflow: 40.5 CFM
  • Max Pressure: 4.59 mm H2O
  • Fan Life Expectancy: 80,000 hrs, 25C, 65%RH
  • Voltage Rating: DC 12V
  • Input Current: 0.24A
  • Input Power: 2.88W
  • Noise Level: 21-26dBA +/- 10% (Background under 18dBA)
  • Connector: 3-pin, 4-pin adapter
  • Weight: 105g

*Three gold fan screws are included. Fourth screw hole is used for rheostat knob.