Enermax Caesar Full Aluminum Keyboard

Enermax Caesar Full Aluminum Keyboard
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Product Description

Enermax Caesar Full Aluminum Keyboard
Consists of a massive 2.5mm solid brushed aluminum body with diamond-cut edges and entangled by a solid 0.6mm steel mesh, the look and feel of the Caesar is astonishing. With patented Scissors key switch technology, Caesar is ideal for users who akin to products with unique design and appearance, or someone who prefer “notebook-alike” key switch.

Caesar comes with two built-in USB 2.0 ports as well as a built-in audio I/O chip which gives user easy access to their microphone, headsets or VoIP phone. The Windows Vistatm certified Caesar comes with 5 integrated hotkeys for Windows Vistatm - Mail, Search, Flip 3D, Gadgets and Media Center functions, and 5 Media Hot keys for Play/Pause, Stop, Volume up, Volume down and Mute. A solid and steady body of 3.2 lbs with three different height adjustments, and extended wrist rest for user comforts, Caesar is truly the “Emperor of Keyboards”.

  • IntroductionFeaturesSpecificationsReviews
  • World’s first meshed keyboard:awesome look to match your personality
  • Brushed aluminum with diamond-cut edges:the utmost in keyboard design
  • Windows Vista support:designed for Windows Vista with five integrated hotkeys (Mail+Search+Flip 3D+Gadgets+Media Center Start) plus additional Windows Vista Start Button
  • Audio I/O with five dedicated media hot keys:VoIP phone or headset support (Play/Pause+Stop+Mute+Volume Up+Volume Down)
  • Built-in Audio chip:auto-transferring audio signal via USB cable
  • “SCISSORS” key switch technology (patented):The most comfortable & responsive typing experience available today
  • 10 million keystroke lifetime:built for years
  • 2-port USB2.0 high speed hub:for maximum connectivity right on your desk
  • 3 height level rubbered stands:decide your perfect height for the best typing experience ever
  • Extended wrist rest:reducing typing stress & typing errors, while increasing comfort to your wrists
  • Industrial design & components:world leading engineering quality and lifetime
  • Everlasting key top printing:no bleaching out of key caps possible
  • Zero degree angle:increasing your typing experience
  • Flat key caps:shortest typing distance
  • Ultra flat profile:minimum height design
  • 1.45kgs/ 3.2lbs heavy: it won’t move while typing
  • Instant connection: no driver necessary


Model Caesar KB005U-B
Aluminum Treatment Brushed Aluminum with Diamond Cut Edges
Connectivity USB 2.0
USB Hub 2 USB 2.0 Ports
Audio I/O USB Audio ( Built-in Audio Chip)
Hot Keys 5 Media keys (Play/Pause+ Stop+ Mute+ Volume Up+ Volume Down)
5 Vista keys (Mail+ Search+ Flip 3D+Gadgets+Media Center Start)
Key Switch Scissors Structure
Key Zone 3 (full sized)
Power Source USB Bus Power +5V
Color Black
Dimensions L521mm xW2015mm xH28mm
Weight 3.2lbs