Enermax 620W Liberty Modular Power Supply - ELT620AWT

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Product Description

Now running an extreme system does not mean you must succumb to a sloppy unnecessary cable ridden case. The Enermax 620W Liberty Modular Power Supply is the ultimate modular power supply for your high-end gaming, server, or workstation computer.

Boasting massive amperage on dual 12 volt rails, a peak power output of 680 watts, Active PFC, ATX12V v2.2 compliancy, and a whole slew of protective circuitry and EMI shielding, the Liberty is modular power supply engineering done Enermax style. Dual PCI Express, 20 and 24-pin motherboard compatibility, and both P4 and P8 power connectors allow you to run the most up-to-date hardware on the market today.

The 620W Liberty is clearly built for demanding applications such as water cooling, dual processor and dual core processor systems, entry-level server, gaming rigs, and high-end workstation PCs that can ill afford an inferior power supply. If you dream of having the convenience of a modular power system and the stability of a high quality PSU at the same time, then the Enermax 620W Liberty Modular Power Supply will liberate your dreams!

  • 1 x 20/24-pin Mainboard
  • 1 x 4/8-pin P4/P8
  • 2 x 6-pin PCI Express
  • 10 x SATA
  • 10 x 4-pin Molex
  • 2 x 4-pin FDD
  • 1 x Fan Speed Detection
  • Full compliance with the highest standard to desktop power supply design requirements recommended by Intel
  • Split 12V rails provide most stable current to CPU, GPU , MB and drives
  • Convertible design to power ATX/BTX system and support Dual CPU entry-level server/workstation
  • Special design 12cm fan combines silence and cooling by intelligent speed control
  • Smart modular cable management to optimize maximum air flow
  • Unique 4-pin Molex + SATA connectors in pairs give you free choice on using either PATA or SATA devices
  • Supports Dual Graphic card setups such as SLI and Crossfire
  • High efficiency is achieved by using high quality components and the skills of our designer to maximize your power supply’s output and minimize wasted power. Efficiency is the measure of how much of the 100% power going in to the PSU is being used up and the unused power dissipate into heat through the heatsink. Lower efficiency means that more power is being wasted and also the PSU will generate more heat
  • Tough EMI shielding protects your system and near-by appliances
  • Enermax has one of the highest protection standards on the market today
  • Power Input:
    • Voltage: 100~240VAC
    • Frequency: 50~60Hz
    • Current: 9.4~4A
  • DC Output:
    • Max Power Output: 680W
    • Sustained Power Output: 620W
    • Current:
      • +3.3V: 28A
      • +5V: 32A
      • +12V:
        • +12V1: 22A
        • +12V2: 22A
        • +12V Combined: 36A
      • -12V: 0.6A
      • +5VSB: 3A
  • PFC: Active
  • Efficiency: 80%
  • Safety: Approval UL, cUL, TÜV, CB
  • EMC: EN55022 Class B, EN61000-4-2 Class B, EN61000-4-3 Class A, EN61000-4-4 Class B, EN61000-4-5 Class B, EN61000-4-6 Class A, EN61000-4-8 Class A, EN61000-4-11 Class B, FCC Part 15 & Part 2, CNS 13438 Class B
  • Protection: OCP - Over Current Protection, UCP - Under Current Protection, OVP - Over Voltage Protection, OLP - Over Load Protection, OTP - Over Temperature Protection, SCP - Short Circuits Protection
  • Dimensions: 150 x 86 x 140mm (W x H x D)