Enzotech SLF-30 Forged Copper Heatsink

Enzotech SLF-30 Forged Copper Heatsink
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Product Description

Enzotech SLF-30 Forged Copper Heatsink
Low Profile - The total height is 13.5mm which reduces the likelihood of interference with other components and provides the best efficiency within a limited space.

  • Multiple push pin locations for universal mounting on various board assembly. (hole to hole distance 47.5mm and 53.5m).
  • Formed of pure copper for enhanced thermal conductivity.
  • Excellent surface flatness minimizes the interface between the heat source and heat sink.
Dimension 32x32x13.5(H) mm
Weight 39g
Base Flatness Polished mirror surface, flatness for machined surfaces are typically in the range of 0.0003" to 0.0004"per inch
Fan Specifications Manufacturer: Adda
Size: 30x30x6.5 mm
Part #: AD0312HX-K73(X)-LF
Volts: 12v DC
Current: 0.064 amp
Power: 0.768 watt
RPM: 10500
CFM: 3.5
Noise: 32 dB(A)