Evercool 5.25" EC-WC-101 Water Cooling Kit

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Product Description

Evercool introduces the new era water-cooling technology of the optimize design for the Air Convection & Water Flowing System. Our latest innovation design of the Carbon Brushless Motor technology is also the advanced key-component for the highest reliability and life-cycle security. You will find the admirable friendly and easy installation and the excellent thermal performance of this Water Cooling System.

  • Easy installation
  • Air Convection & Water Flowing System optimize thermal design
  • Carbon Brushless Motor technology for the highest reliability and life-cycle security
  • Adjustable 3 Section Speed Fan Controller for acoustic and overclocking
  • 8-channel water passage inside the block for the highest capacity of power consumption transit by water flowing.
  • 3 sets of the temperature indication panel for detecting the temperature
  • Low noise & highest thermal dissipation capability
  • The alarm protection system for over heating