Evercool Booster Cool Wrist Pad - Black

Evercool Booster Cool Wrist Pad - Black
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Product Description

Evercool Booster Cool Wrist Pad - Black
It's pointless trying to deny it any longer.

The sleepless nights. The fried retinas. That raw wrist. Those Cheeto-stained fingers. You, my friend, officially have yourself a gaming problem.

While we have no real interest in helping you kick your addiction, we would like to help prevent it from causing you any physical harm. Thanks to it's ergonomic design and incredibly soft pad material, the Evercool Booster Wrist Pad will limit the strain you put on your wrist during those all-night WoW sessions.

Offering dual 40mm fans that provide a directed airflow, the Booster reduces hand perspiration, increasing device control and personal comfort. Gamers can even reverse the pad to provide a little A/C during those hot summer sessions (which is also nice to have for those, um, non-gaming moments). Thanks to it's USB Power Interface, it's also pretty easy to install. Lightweight, streamlined, and gorgeous in detail, the Booster Wrist Pad is an ideal choice for the hardcore gamer who would rather not have a serious case of arthritis by the age of 30.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Soft Padding
  • Dual 40mm Fans
  • USB Power Interface
  • Lightweight