Evercool HPK-10025EA CPU Cooler

Evercool HPK-10025EA CPU Cooler
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Product Description

Evercool HPK-10025EA CPU Cooler
Fully equipped for maximum cooling efficiency, the Evercool HPK-10025EA CPU Cooler is an effective way to help regulate the interior temperatures of your PC. To obtain such an excellent cooling efficiency, this Evercool CPU Cooler features 4 heatpipes in 6mm and HDT Tech, as well as an extremely quiet fan that is built to provide more air flow within your system. Compatible with an impressive number of motherboards, the Evercool HPK-10025EA CPU Cooler is an ideal application for Intel Core i7 & P4 LGA775 series.

  • 4 Heatpipes in 6mm & H.D.T. Tech (Provides Outstanding Cooling Efficiency)
  • Application for Intel Core i7 & P4 LGA775 series
  • Ultra-Silent 100mm Fan (Provides More Air Flow While In Use)
  • Pentium 4 Socket T 505~571 / 620~672
  • Pentium D Socket T 805~840 / 915~960
  • Pentium 4 Processor Extreme Edition Socket T 3.73G
  • Core 2 Duo Processor Socket T E4300~E8600
  • Core 2 Extreme Processor Socket T QX6700~QX9650
  • Core 2 Quad Processor Socket Q6600~Q9550
  • Core i7 Processor I7-920~940
  • Core i7 Processor Extreme Edition I7-965
  • Overall Dimension: 118 x 110 x 67mm
  • Heat Sink Material: 4 Heatpipes + Al Fin + H.D.T. Core
  • Bearing Type: EL Long Life Bearing (Life Expectancy at 25C 50000HR)
  • Rated Speed: 180015% RPM
  • Noise Level: <23 dBA
  • Rated Voltage: 12 V.DC
  • Weight: 320g