Evercool NB-MA1 Magic Notebook Cooling Fan

Evercool NB-MA1 Magic Notebook Cooling Fan
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Product Description

Evercool NB-MA1 Magic Notebook Cooling Fan
Featuring the Evercool's Magic NB-MA1 Notebook cooler. This little magical attachment gives you the ability to keep your notebook breathing fresh and staying cool without the hassle of a huge cooling pad. Compatible with all the major brands, the Evercool NB-MA1 attaches right to your notebooks fan bay and throws it into overdrive. With the universal clip and nice little bag, this makes the NB-MA1 the notebook cooling fan for the go. The Magic fan runs off a USB port making it easy to power. Need a way to cool down any notebook on the fly, this is all you'll need. Fully customizable with a 180 degree rotate-able positions and a two speed cooling control giving you more handle over your cooling. On top of it all Evercool has put a sweet looking red pentacle to the fan, as if evil powers used their mystical powers to cool off your notebook. Why evil forces want to cool off your notebook we don’t know but we don’t argue about outstanding results.

*Disclaimer: Evil Forces are probably not involved we just thought it sounded cool*

  • World's first Patented Notebook Air Extracting Fan.
  • It allows very quick extraction of the hot air in your system, which stabilizes the operation of the NB and prolongs its lifetime.
  • Comes with universal clip making it compatible with major notebook brands
  • Small and light, unlike big cooling pads
  • Can rotate up to 180 degrees to adjust angle and a two speed fan controller.
  • Simple design with a great look and LED light decorations
  • Dimensions: 51.6X23.4X13mm
  • Rated Voltage: 5VDC(USB)
  • Speed: 3000±10%RPM (MIN)
    3800±10%RPM (MAX)
  • Noise Level : <24 dBA (MIN)
    <26 dBA (MAX)
  • Bearing Type: Ever Lubricate Long Life Bearing
  • Net Weight: 60g