Zboard Keyset for Customizable Keyboard (Everquest)

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Product Description

Everquest fans everywhere, here is your weapon of mass destruction. The ultimate gamer’s keyboard is here! This is the Everquest keyset for use with the Zboard customizable keyboard (sold separately). This keyset was created to help save mouse strokes and teach users important time saving keystrokes to gain the ultimate advantage. Stop referring to the game manual to find out how to accomplish tasks on a keyboard. Whether you’re new to EverQuest or a veteran, the labeled keys will help take a load off your mind and let you focus on the action. Unique ""Chat"" and ""Emote"" macro keys enable you to focus on role playing your character like never before. Give your character’s powers a boost; get your fingers on the EverQuest Keyset and master more in-game hot keys. The Rich vibrant colors are printed on durable LEXAN to give you the ultimate godly experience! Other keyboards are made for typing, but the Zboard is MADE FOR GAMING!

The Zboard customizable keyboard is sold separately.

Zboard Keyset for Customizable Keyboard (Everquest)
The keys of Gold will show you the way. The keys are labeled to help you learn the ways of the masters.