EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease

EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease
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Product Description

EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease
Introducing the EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease, the world's first thermal paste validated for extreme overclockers as well as everyday users. The high conductivity ensures maximum thermal transfer for the absolute lowest temperatures. It's not only about performance though, the EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease was voted easiest to install in a random survey that compared the top thermal pastes today!

EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease was tested and certified to be the best on the market by the one of the top overclockers in the industry; Vince "k|ngp|n" Lucido:

"The EVGA Frostbite Thermal Grease is easy to apply and can hold up during extreme bench sessions longer than I have ever seen any thermal grease do. On other brands I have used in the past, the paste can act like an insulator and can be really stiff or difficult to work with. Not the EVGA Frostbite -- this stuff is perfect."

  • Excellent Thermal Transfer
  • Ranked Easiest Installation
  • Engineered for Extreme Overclockers, Gamers and Everyday Users
  • Over 30% Silver Content
  • 6.5w/m-k Thermal Conductivity
  • 2 Gram Syringe