External 3 x 360 Radiator and Pump Case

External 3 x 360 Radiator and Pump Case
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Product Description

External 3 x 360 Radiator and Pump Case
Ever needed to add more radiators to your system but you don't have room? This is an easy solution. Fully decked out you can use Quick Disconnects to plumb this box to your main system box.

Case Size:

Bottom Panel / Stand: 10.6" x 20" (270mm x 508mm) Extends 2" (50mm) from the Front and Back for support and stability. Bottom panel is only 3/8" thick (10mm) so should slide under most cases. Space needs to be left between the back and the case for airflow.

Height: 19.2" (488mm)

Designed for 4M threaded radiators. It will work with 6-32 / 3M radiators. The countersink is slightly larger for the 6-32 / 3M radiators so they will be a slightly deeper into the acrylic.

Inlet and Outlet ports are cut at 0.67" (17mm) and tapped M18 x 1.0.

For ease of plumbing you may want to consider the 90 degree rotary fittings, Rad-Reservior, and the Black Ice GTX or SR-1 radiators.