Facedrink Energy Shot

Facedrink Energy Shot
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Product Description

Facedrink Energy Shot
This energy drink, that provides you with hours of social energy, is available in a 2.5 oz shot bottle. You will "like" the taste of this great beverage.

What Is Social Energy?

Social energy is what you need to manage all of the events in your life. Whether it is work, school, sports or just getting through the daily routine, Facedrink™ provides you with a boost of energy to manage it all.

What Makes Facedrink Different?

Facedrink™ is free of sugar, carbohydrates, and only has three calories. It contains a blend of natural fruit flavors, taurine, caffeine for that pick-me-up feeling. The result of this formula is a unique taste (taste of friendship) and several hours of crash-free energy boost to help get you through the day.

Xoxide Zach says - This is some crazy stuff! I had to try some because I wanted to play Farmville for 6 days straight. Well I now have my very own 62,415,421 Acre Forest where I grow 200ft tall Xmas trees. All because of FACEDRINK!