Feser Base Corrosion Blocker - 50 ML

Feser Base Corrosion Blocker - 50 ML
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Product Description

Feser Base - Corrosion Inhibitor for Cooling Liquids

The Feser Base Corrosion Blocker is a anti-corrosion fluid additive designed for PC liquid cooling solutions. Feser Base is one of the ingredients of Feser One. By mixing Feser Base with anti-corrosion properties to protect your cooling system's metallic components made from Copper, Aluminum, Brass or Nickel.

Corrosion Protection - For longer lifetime of your system ... Our priority for the liquids is to improve the corrosion protection. Different manufacturers of liquid cooling systems use different metals in their systems. To protect all these kinds of metals we developed this inhibitor, which protects the metals COPPER, ALUMINIUM, BRASS and NICKEL. By this new development it is compatible with each system.

Quality Control - Made in Germany ...
The Liquids are manufactured and supervised in Germany in our production hall. All necessary components for the liquids are manufactured in Germany. We developed this liquids particularly for PC water cooling systems. The liquids are examined each month for its consistence and submitted of different long term test in cooling systems. Thus we always ensure a safe and optimal product.

  • Stable HDPE upright bottle
  • Dropper Cap included - no funnel needed
  • Mixing Ratio 1 : 50 - 50ml will treat 2-3 litres of coolant
  • Prevents algae growth within your water cooling system
  • Compatible with all available PC liquid-cooling systems
  • Unopened shelf life of 3 years maximum

Dangerous to health when swallowing! Keep out of the reach of children! Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Catch up medical advise when swollowed and show label. If spillage occurs use absorbent material and dispose in the correct way. Clean skin with much water and soap. Rinse out eyes with much water.