Feser View Active UV Dye - UV Green - 50 ML

Feser View Active UV Dye - UV Green - 50 ML
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Product Description

Feser View Active UV Dye - UV Green - 50 ML

Feser View - Dye it in your way!

Concentrated pigments of UV reactive water dye to colour your PC water-cooling system.
Feser View is also included in Feser One Cooling Fluids. Therefore you also can use Feser View to refresh Feser One.

Attention! Feser View does not replace the necessary corrosion protection, but serve for mixing with inhibitors like e.g. Feser Base. Feser View has no corrosion inhibitors inside.

UV Reactive - And it glows ...
By the additive of different coloring materials the liquid gets the appropriate color. With addition of UV active materials, so-called artificial tracers, the liquid begins to glow when ultraviolet light hits the material in the liquid.
For theses effects you only need a CCFL / UV Cold Cathode light tube which is already on the market and available from different third party manufacturers.

Quality Control - Made in Germany ...
The Liquids are manufactured and supervised in Germany in our production hall. All necessary components for the liquids are manufactured in Germany. In co-operation with specialists for corrosion protection at the professional school Südwestfalen / Germany, we developed this liquids particularly for PC water cooling systems. The liquids are examined each month for its consistence and submitted of different long term test in cooling systems. Thus we always ensure a safe and optimal product.
In the laboratory for corrosion protection technology we can develop the liquid permanently further and adapt new standards.

Material Safety Data Sheet
We provide MSDSs for all our chemical products. This sheets are not only required for transportation purposes but also for properly handling. Please click on the Adobe Logo to download the MSDS in PDF format.

  • UV Reactive properties
  • Stable HDPE upright bottle
  • Dropper Cap included - no funnel needed
  • Mixing Ratio 1 : 50 - 50ml will treat 2-3 litres of coolant
  • Feser View is only a dye without any corrosion protection!
  • Unopened shelf life of 3 years maximum

Only mix Feser View with distilled water like e.g. Feser Aqua or Feser One.
Do not mix Feser View with any other kind of colour pigments. Thus chemical reactions can occur!
If used for long periods of time the UV properties will naturally fade. We advise you to refresh the liquid with Feser View again.
Regular water changes are advised (maximum 1 year).
Depending on your hose size, type and wall thickness, Feser One may react differently under uv light in different cooling systems.

Dangerous to health when swallowing! Keep out of the reach of children! Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Catch up medical advise when swollowed and show label. If spillage occurs use absorbent material and dispose in the correct way. Clean skin with much water and soap. Rinse out eyes with much water.