Firework 80mm LED Fan (Blue)

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Product Description

Ok, so you were one of the first people on your block to have LED fans, and now everyone has them. Bump your fans up to the next level. The Firework 80mm LED Fan not only has the 4 outer LED's, but also has 5 LED's on the hub of the fan that create 16 alternating, random patterns. These patterns change every few seconds to give a great, unique look to your case. This fan features a 3 pin connector and a 3 to 4 pin adaptor.

Specifications for the Firework 80mm LED Fan
Airflow 32.5 CFM Speed 2700 RPM

28.3 dBA Voltage 12 V DC
Current 0.13 A Power 1.6 w

Dimensions 80x80x25mm