Flexiglow Illuminated Molex Power Splitter

Flexiglow Illuminated Molex Power Splitter
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Product Description

Flexiglow Illuminated Molex Power Splitter
Need more power? The Flexiglow™ Molex Power Splitter provides an additional molex power plug point while providing a neat illumination effect.

Tiny changing color LEDs have been molded into the molex connector housing. When powered up it changes color from red to blue to green. A UV reactive molded sheath encases the molex wires.

Package Content:
  • Illuminated power splitter
Connection 1 Female to 2 Male molex ports
Power Standard 5V and 12V

Xoxide Zach says - This illuminated Molex splitter from Flexiglow is the perfect fusion of form and function! It provides you with an extra Molex connection for those power-hungry devices, and adds some style to your case at the same time! I needed an extra Molex to power another hard drive, and ended up replacing all my connectors with these just for the look!