Flexiglow PC Lazer Beam LED Kit - White

Flexiglow PC Lazer Beam LED Kit - White
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Product Description

Flexiglow PC Lazer Beam LED Kit - White
Lazer Beam LED Kit

Flexiglow Lazer Beam LED kits have three independent LED's mounted in a translucent housing.

These units are designed with an adjustable base that can swivel up to 180. Now the user can focus on specific features in their PC Case or Car.

In addition, the IC is encased and includes a separate, mountable On/Off/Flash switch. Package Content:
  • 3 X Lazer beam LED with 800mm cable lead
  • 1 X 12V Driver IC
  • 1 x On/Off/Flash switch
Kit Includes
  • Three Super Bright LED's mounted in an adjustable translucent housing.
  • Encased IC driver with a separate mountable switch.
  • Easy adjustable translucent housing.
  • Self adhesive mounting.
  • Focal Beam Magnifier.
  • Connects to 12V in Car, PC, Boat etc.