Flexiglow PC Xtreme 12" Neon Standard Kit Red

Flexiglow PC Xtreme 12" Neon Standard Kit Red
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Product Description

Flexiglow PC Xtreme 12" Neon Standard Kit Red
Xtreme Neon Kit

Flexiglow Cold Cathode balances impressive light and color output with a lighted tinted acrylic casing.

Each Flexiglow Cold Cathode tube comes with external Inverter.

Package Content:
  • 1 x cold cathode tube with easy mount velcro tabs
  • 1 x dual inverter that connects up to 2 neon tubes
  • 1 x jam nut switch with 4 pin PC connecter
  • Up to 80% brighter than standard Auto neon's.
  • Acrylic casing with a thickened internal diameter to prevent breakage.
  • Lightly tinted casing for improved color.
  • Only 10mm in diameter, small enough to fit anywhere.
  • Custom end cubes with velcro strips that enable easy mounting.
  • Inverter is sealed inside a durable black plastic box to
  • prevent short circuit and accidental damage.
  • Full instructions included to assist in installation
  • Average Current Demand 350mA at 12VDC.
  • Average Power Demand 4.4W
  • 4mm internal diameter Cold Cathode Tube.
  • 30cm long.