Flexiglow ReACTIVE NEON Invisible Blacklight Paint - Blue

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Product Description

Alright all you UV junkies, yeah you with the 6 x cold cathode, every cable, fan, and LED UV reactive case. Flexiglow has a product that will help you show the world that sometimes the best things in life canít be seen with visible light: UV ReACTIVE Neon Paint! Each bottle of ReACTIVE Neon Paint contains 15 ml of UV reactive paint with an applicator brush. The paint is completely invisible in normal light except for an almost undetectable gloss, but when exposed to UV light, the paint comes to life in a brilliant neon glow. Show off your artistic style on your case, monitor, desk, or what ever your little raver heart desires, with ReACTIVE Neon Paint from Flexiglow!

  • Handy 15ml bottle with applicator brush
  • Transparent and coats on clear with only a slightly shiny finish
  • Water based and non-toxic

*Note: Do not paint conductive electrical components such as memory slots, PCB Board, etc. As with any modding product, Xoxide can take no responsibility for any damages caused directly, indirectly, incidental, or coincidental by the application of this product to any surface. Word is born!