Fluid Xp+ Extreme Clear 32Oz

Fluid Xp+ Extreme Clear 32Oz
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Product Description

Looks as clear as water.

Fluid XP+ EXTreme
is another new computer coolant for liquid cooled computers. It has been tested according to ASTM, and is everything the old coolant was and more.
There's better thermal transfer and it can be used in any liquid cooled system, no matter how small the tubing or how powerful the pump is. This is a universal product, it doesn't matter what type of system you our running. We also have added better corrosion and algae protection.

The product is safe, non-toxic, non-conductive, non-corrosive and bio-degradable. The ingredients are recognized by the FDA as food safe. The product will be available in different colors and UV as well.

Fluid XP+ product line of coolants have been through the ASTM testing procedure to test conductivity. The rate of the product is around 12 micro siemens, which is considered zero conductivity for a liquid.

The coolant doesn't have any alcoholic properties. It also has a low freezing point and no flash point. All test and procedures have been tested by outside labs and all records of the test are available to public domain. The Fluid XP+ product line of coolants are the only coolants out on the market today with scientific data supporting all claims.

Fluid XP+ was developed by a retired NASA scientist who has over 180 patents to his credit, he engineered it from a deicing formula which they used in aircrafts, later to be used in railroad switches. The first principal user of the formulation in regards to computer cooling was Delphi, in which they used it to cool there super computers. Later, the coolant was reformulated into Fluid XP+ for Integrity PC, to be tested with liquid cooled systems for high-end gaming PCs. It was also used in business workstations and servers which require great amounts of cooling and low maintenance at affordable prices. Since it was first released it has gone through various changes and now is better than ever. Integrity PC has found it to work quite well for its high performance systems and having the other properties (shown below) it is ideal for home computer or office use.

Non-Conductive: (See the review from Avault)
Environmentally Safe: Non-toxic
Biodegradable: All FDA approved food grade ingredients. Long Lasting: 5+ year shelf life.
Robust: Not prone to mechanical shearing (Pumping).
Corrosive inhibiting: Neutral pH (pH of 7) and non-electrolytic. Does not cause galvanic corrosion or rusting: (if spilled in system, no need to clean between chips board etc.).
Versatile: Formula can be tailored for various viscosities and systems.

The many uses of Fluid XP+ have not been explored entirely. However, it is ideal for computer cooling. If you are a gamer with an over-clocked system, video editor, network technician with servers, a water cooled pc owner who is tired of changing the water every few months (not to mention worrying about a leak and water frying your expensive hardware or getting electrocuted), or some other type of performance computer user and your considering going to liquid cooled because fans don't cool your computer enough, then Fluid XP+ is just the thing you need.