Fluid XP+ Non-Acid Pre Treatment Cleaner 1Oz.

Fluid XP+ Non-Acid Pre Treatment Cleaner 1Oz.
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Product Description

Fluid XP+ Pre-Treatment Non-Acid Cleaner 1oz Concentrated

  • Step One: Mix 1oz bottle with 32oz of Fluid XP+ H2O.
  • Step Two: Shake well.
  • Step Three: Pour formula into empty system loop.
  • Step Four: Run in loop for 1 hour.
  • Step Five: Drain system loop.
  • Step Six: Fill system loop with just Fluid XP+ H2O.
  • Step Seven: Run in loop for 45min.
  • Step Eight: Drain loop and fill with Fluid XP+ Coolant.

    CAUTIONS: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. If contact made with eyes or is ingested contact physician immediately. Use protective gear when handling. Wash after handling. Do not store in open container.