Fluid Xp+ Ultra Clear 32Oz

Fluid Xp+ Ultra Clear 32Oz
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Product Description

Fluid XP+ Ultra Non-Conductive 32 oz. Liquid Cooling Fluid is the latest non-conductive, non-toxic, non-corrosive and scale zapping, high performance liquid cooling fluid from the great minds at Fluid XP. With a boiling point of over 340F and a freezing point below -99F, Ultra is the most robust cooling fluid available. Plus it comes in multiple colors, including UV reactive colors.

The most notable thing that Fluid XP+ Ultra with z7 offers that no other PC coolant can or ever will offer is the special chemical bond it has with solid substances. If you're using a radiator and you notice that metal shavings have began flaking off of it and start floating around you system, if your using Fluid XP+ Ultra with z7 there will be no problem. Because Ultra with z7 will bond itself around the metal flakes which will suspend it in the liquid. This will stop build up in your system. No other PC coolant can or ever will offer such feature. Comes in all the popular UV and non UV colors and because it is highly concentrated it can be diluted up to 65% with deionized water to get the viscosity and performance a PC enthusiast might be looking for custom configurations.