Fluidxp+ Ultra Lt Invisible Blue UV 32Oz.

Fluidxp+ Ultra Lt Invisible Blue UV 32Oz.
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Product Description

Fluidxp+ Ultra Lt Invisible Blue UV 32Oz.
What is Ultra LT coolant? As the great innovator of the water cooled PC industry now for over 5 years, we constantly are researching a way to make a better product for all of our loyal users around the world. We always beta test our products with end users to see what everyone wants, thus it has allowed us to make another product better.

We took our Ultra with Z7 concentrated coolant, introduced in 2007, which was formulated for experienced water cool PC enthusiasts to, customized their coolant per use and made a new formulation designed to be ready right out of the bottle for anyone else.

Ultra LT uses the same ingredients as our regular Ultra except the viscosity is much less so that it will work in any system no matter how small the tubing or how slow the pumping system.

Everything else is the same, still comes in all the great UV and Non-UV colors and has the award winning patent pending z7 additive for biological control and its award winning corrosion protection. Best of all, it is very affordable and safe! Made from Non-Toxic base ingredients it still maintains its Non-Conductive rating that no other coolant on the planet can touch.

Simply put, there is no other coolant at this price which gives you this kind of high performance cooling and features. You may have tried the rest so now use the best!