Fluid XP+ Non-Conductive Coolant (1 Quart)

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Product Description

There have always been the big "What If's?" when it come to watercooling your system. What if water spills on my motherboard? What if I forget to replace the fluid over a long period of time? What if I listen to Michael Bolton and actually like what I hear? Well, put your fears to rest and listen up. Fluid XP+ is a non-conductive liquid that is safe for your system, in case you spill a bit on your system. You don't need to worry about electrocution either since it is non-conductive. Fluid XP+ will actually help your water pumps because part of the make up of Fluid XP is a Glycerin product that will lubricate all plastic parts in your system. The liquid comes to you clear, but you can add a dye as long as the dye is non-conductive. This liquid has a 5+ shelf life, but should be changed out every two to three years. It is non-flammable, safe to the touch, and unlike other coolants that are HIGHLY poisonous, FluidXP is even classified by the FDA as edible!

So don't cry over spilled water, unless it was spilled on your system. Then it is ok for you to cry. Unless you are using Fluid XP+, because then there is nothing to cry about.