Silverstone Fan Controller with White 120mm Fan

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Product Description

p>Ok, so you need a 120mm fan and a controller for that fan? What a coincidence! This Silverstone fan controller comes with a white 120mm fan! The fan speed range is 1300rpm ~ 3000rpm. This is easy to install and comes complete in one package! Yipee!

Rated Voltage: 12V DC
Start Voltage: 5V DC
Operating Range: 7V-13V DC
Consuming Current: 0.40 Amp (MAX. 0.45 Amp)
Consuming Power: 4.80W (MAX. 5.40W)
Rated Speed: 3000RPM
Airflow: MAX. 103.44 CFM (at rated voltage)
Static Pressure: MAX. 5.69mmH2O
Sound Level: MAX. 44 dB (at rated voltage)