FOOSH Energy Mints (Tin)

FOOSH Energy Mints (Tin)
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Product Description

It’s 3 am, you’re crouched behind a corner waiting. You know sNyPdYoMaMA14 is out there, just waiting for you to peak around the corner so he can decimate you with his pulse cannon. You strain to keep your eyes open, your body torn with fatigue. NO! You can’t loose this final death match to this punk kid, but what can you do? Reach for a nasty energy drink? Attempt the dangerous maneuver of brewing a pot of coffee for 10 minutes without getting shot? Not anymore! Prepare yourself to be FOOSH’ed with the new ultimate standard of delivering precious caffeine into your blood stream.

FOOSH Energy Mints will give you just the kick you need to get your body and mind energized to full power. Made with a proprietary blend of energy producing ingredients, including caffeine, ginseng, taurine, and five B vitamins to enhance your performance, increase endurance, and stimulate your mind. This potent formula packs more caffeine and energy producing elements into one mint then 1 cup of coffee, 1.25 Red Bulls, 2 cups of tea, 3 cans of Coke, or 13 of the leading brand’s caffeinated mints! Also, FOOSH mints are made with real peppermint to put the kibosh on that gross breath you have from eating corn chips for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

So, FOOSH your body and mind to their full potential, and send sNyPdYoMaMA14 crying to his mama, with FOOSH Energy Mints!