FPS Freek Joystick Mod - Black/Black

FPS Freek Joystick Mod - Black/Black
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Product Description

FPS Freek Joystick Mod - Black/Black
FPS Freek was designed and tested by professional gamers in tournaments across the country, and the results are clear this amazing mod enhances aiming precision and increases gaming performance with just a snap!

FPS Freek is a relatively simple addition to your joystick that provides 40% more linear distance from full stop to stop. The result is increased precision without sacrificing the natural feel of the controller! But wait, there's more! FPS Freek will work it's magic on both the Xbox 360 AND the Playstation 3 controllers! And as if that wasn't enough, installation is a snap--literally. You just snap the mod onto your controller's existing joysticks, and you're ready to rock!

Now, there is a very small learning curve, but since FPS Freek extends the natural feel of the controls without disturbing it, you don't have to re-learn how to play. After a just a couple hours of playing with the FPS Freek, you'll never want to go without it!

FPS Freek is sold in sets of two, so grab a pair and dominate!