Free Thermaltake BigWater 745 CL-W0076 Contest

Congratulations to Matthew M. of Virginia!

Matthew M. will be the first one in the country with the all new Thermaltake BigWater 745 Water Cooling Kit completely FREE! We hope to get some pictures of Matthew's rig once he's got his BigWater 745 in there and post them up on the site.

Thanks to you guys we received over 100 entries for the BigWater 745 giveaway. Better yet, since you guys have shown such an interest in Thermaltake's Products we've worked out a deal on several more Thermaltake/Xoxide new product giveaways in the future. So keep your eyes peeled, we hope to have more great free stuff for you soon!

Contest is over

Win the all new Thermaltake BigWater 745 Water Cooling Kit, a $200 value, by participating in the BigWater Scavenger Hunt at Official rules can be found at the bottom of this page. Or you can read the full story directly below.

There is a legend from the days of yore, of an object of great power that possesses the ability to grant extreme cooling goodness to its master at hand. Known to modern archeologists only as CL-W0076, the legendary BigWater, as locals call it, can be summoned only by one who hast assembled the four legendary artifacts of King Thermaltakeia.

Legend has it that these four artifacts are scattered, hidden within the depths of the infamous Xoxide Catacombs. A worthy soul who hast assembled all four artifacts, can then attempt to summon the BigWater by sending the artifacts to the great sorcerer whose name is unpronounceable in the human tongue,

While many shall try, few shall succeed. And of those that succeed only one shall be successful in the summoning of King Thermaltakeia's great and all mighty BigWater. One small word of advice, local legend ascertains that several of the four pieces are located within the Thermaltake Chamber of the Xoxide Catacombs itself.


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Contest Rules

Official Rules of Contest: Think scavenger hunt! The four images above have been placed on four separate product pages throughout the site. Find these four images and email them and the product pages you found them along with your full name and home address to On Friday the 20th of January, we will randomly draw a name from the people that have completed the quest. The winner will receive a brand new BigWater 745 Water-cooling Kit from Xoxide and our good friends at Thermaltake!

The Fine Print: Only one entry per household. Do not SPAM multiple entries from your email address or you will be disqualified. Yes we know that the four images that you are looking for are on this page, BUT the REAL images on the product pages contain the special unique name of the artifact on the picture itself. Muhuhahahaha! Happy treasure hunting!

Want to see what others are saying about the giveaway? Check out this thread on our forums. It may include tips, tricks and answers to some of your questions!

The BigWater 745 will be available for sale early next week. Thermaltake has JUST received their US shipment. These kits are brand new, we hope to have them by Tuesday the 17th.