FrozenQ Fusion Dual Bay Black Acetal Reservoir - UV Red

FrozenQ Fusion Dual Bay Black Acetal Reservoir - UV Red
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Product Description

Evolve your system to the next level with the new FrozenQ Fusion Dual Bay reservoir. The Fusion Dual Bay features a solid CNC milled body with a fluorescent acrylic helical fixture for a unique visual effect. Choose from one of four standard colors, or choose your own combination from our color chart at no additional cost. The internal helix is illuminated with the pre-installed UV cathode, which must be hooked up to a cathode inverter (sold separately). The UV cathode is compatible with any standard lighting inverter which you may already have in your rig. All parts of the reservoir are machined and fabricated at the secret FrozenQ labs.

The Fusion Dual Bay reservoir has 3 rear G1/4" ports and 1 top G1/4" port for filling. Each reservoir comes with two fill plugs to close up whichever ports your choose not to use.

One of the biggest features to be integrated into the Fusion Dual Bay design is the modular pump mount system. Rather than having to purchase a bay reservoir with an integrated pump mount that only works with one style of pump, you can choose to purchase a special pump mount for a MCP355/DDC pump, a D5 pump, or choose to not integrate a pump at all. It's your choice!

  • Dimensions: 5.75"x3.31"x2.25"
  • Form: Dual 5.25" Bay
  • Ports: 4 G1/4"
  • Included Items:
    -1x Fusion Bay Reservoir
    -2x G1/4" Fill Plugs
    -4" UV Cathode Bulb
    -Required Mounting Hardware