FrozenQ Reactor Core V Series Reservoir - 250mm

FrozenQ Reactor Core V Series Reservoir - 250mm
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Product Description

FrozenQ Reactor Core V Series Reservoir - 250mm
Finish off your water cooling system with an amazing reservoir where you get to choose the color! The inner UV CCFL (included) of the Reactor Core is surrounded by two Plexi tubes. The tubes are completely surrounded by the coolant of your choice when filled and hence allow a unique glowing light from the inside of the reservoir, no matter if the coolant itself is also UV-reactive or not. The CCFL is equipped with the common 3-Pin connector which is used on most CCFLs. (transformer not included)

Besides all the optical considerations functionality was never forgotten. The reservoir is equipped with 1/4" threads for inlet and outlet. A third 1/4" threaded opening, which is sealed by a silver screw cap when shipped, can be used for filling with e.g. a Fillport. Two included Plexi mounts ensure safe and reliable mounting inside our outside of the case.

Technical specifications:
  • Material: Polycarbonate, Acetal
  • Tube diameter: 50mm

Xoxide Zach says - These really shine with UV-reactive coolant, as the cathode in the middle shines light straight through the reservoir from the inside out!