Func F-Series 11x14in Competition Mousing sUrface F10.s

Func F-Series 11x14in Competition Mousing sUrface F10.s
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Product Description

Func Industries is dropping the F-Bomb with a new line of high performance mouse pads. Func's F-Series Competition Mousing sUrfaces are single-sided, large format mouse pads designed for gaming, graphical, and professional applications that require the utmost accuracy.

These mouse pads measure 14" x 11", and are constructed of high quality polycarbonate with exceptional and consistent tracking qualities. The mousing surface itself incorporates a specially selected, low profile, textured synthetic rubber that exhibits outstanding traction characteristics on your desktop, even in dusty environments!

F-Series Competition Mousing sUrfaces are available in either of the two surface textures, F10s and F30r, made popular by the award-winning Func sUrface1030. Func’s latest mousing innovation is sure to turn heads and leave fragg'd foes feeling F-Bombed at your next LAN party!

  • 14” x 11” single-sided footprint
  • Surface designed for optimized optical mouse tracking
  • High level of traction consistency and precision
  • Easy to clean hand washable design
  • Included optional cord clip keeps the mouse cord from obstructing and inhibiting movement
  • Non-slip backing provides exceptional traction to keep the mousing surface in place, even in dusty environments
  • Displays outstanding resistance to temperature changes and varying conditions
  • Model: F10.s (Smooth Surface)
  • Size: 14” x 11”

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