Gamerfood Cashews of Chaos

Gamerfood Cashews of Chaos
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Product Description

Gamerfood Cashews of Chaos
GamerFood Promise:
Crush Hunger - Taste Great - Boost Energy - Improve Focus and Reaction Time

Cashews of Chaos - Honey Roasted (To perfection!)
Look, Cashews are delicious, no argument there, but it takes more than rich flavor to be GamerFood! Where's flavor when you are low on ammo? Where's flavor when you are hopelessly outnumbered? Where's flavor when it's 3:32 in the morning and your body is trying its hardest to shut down!?

What makes our cashews of chaos so special is that there is more to them than simple honey-roasted goodness. They also contain the EXPLOSIVE THRUST, of our energy blend. Which means when it's 3:32, you're hopelessly outnumbered and low on ammo, you'll be alert and focused enough to take on all comers.

The Energy Quartet
Caffeine. Taurine. Ginseng. Lycine. - GamerFood's effective combination. This blend is scientifically proven to increase concentration, boost performance, and stimulate metabolism. GamerFood boosts short term memory, helping you solve puzzles faster. More importantly, it increases reaction speed.

Health Stats
Cashews - They are pretty fraggin delicious, everyone knows that. What you may not know, is that on top of their incredible taste, they are actually pretty healthy too. They are a good source of monounsaturated fats, which promote heart health. They also contain antioxidants, copper, and magnesium which with their powers combined form a bodily Captain Planet that not only promotes stronger blood vessels, bones and joints, and regulates nerve and muscle tone, but also lowers blood pressure and helps prevent heart attacks. If you ask me, that makes for a darn impressive resume.

Net Weight 3.5oz, 98g

Xoxide Zach says - These cashews taste awesome and it gives me the added bonus of being caffeinated. How can I describe how delicious these are? Take the tastiest cashews you have ever eaten, then mix them up with enough caffeine to wake up the dead. Now you have CASHEWS OF CHAOS! I love these for all night LAN parties, where peak performance is required.