Gamerfood "Nuts of Destruction" Ancho Chili Spiced Peanuts

Gamerfood "Nuts of Destruction" Ancho Chili Spiced Peanuts
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Gamerfood "Nuts of Destruction" Ancho Chili Spiced Peanuts
GamerFood Promise:
Crush Hunger - Taste Great - Boost Energy - Improve Focus and Reaction Time

Nuts of Destruction - Ancho Chili Lime
A lot of you are probably thinking to yourselves, what the heck is an ancho chile lime peanut? Is it some crazy Frankensteinian fiery, lime-peanutty hybrid? Hardly! It's simply a savory peanut that has been infused with the spicy KICK of an ANCHO CHILI and the ZESTY TANG of a LIME.

Delicious taste is a given, but we've taken these Nuts to the next level with our delicious blend of energy and performance fuel.

The Energy Quartet
Caffeine. Taurine. Ginseng. Lycine. - GamerFood's powerful combination. This blend is scientifically proven to increase concentration, boost performance, and stimulate metabolism. GamerFood boosts short term memory, helping you solve puzzles faster. More importantly, it even increases your reaction speed.

Health Stats
Here is a fun fact - Peanuts aren't actually nuts at all. How's your mind? Blown!? Turns out they belong to the legume family. But before you go and throw out all your peanuts for betraying your trust, let's look at the benefits they provide. Peanuts are a good source of monounsaturated fats, which promote healthy hearts. They also rival some fruits as a source of anti-oxidants [suck it fruit!!!], protect against Alzheimar's and Age-related cognitive decline, and reduce gall-stones. All in all they are pretty noble... for being filthy liars!

Net Weight 3.5oz, 98g

Xoxide Zach says - I love these Nuts of Destruction, The Ancho Chili Flavor is awesome. It is actually the red poblano and it gives me the added bonus of being caffeinated. This is HOT, but not too hot, its SPICY, but not too spicy. You better buy a few bags before I eat them all.