Gamerfood Sunflower Seeds of Victory

Gamerfood Sunflower Seeds of Victory
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Product Description

Gamerfood Sunflower Seeds of Victory
GamerFood Promise:
Crush Hunger - Taste Great - Boost Energy - Improve Focus and Reaction Time

Seeds of Victory - Original
Sunflower Seeds - More commonly associated with baseball games than video games... that is until NOW. As it turns out they are nearly the ultimate gaming snack. They taste fantastic, are good for you, and like a great game, eating them is EASY TO PICKUP but TOUGH TO MASTER. Seeing this untapped gaming potential, we infused them with the GamerFood signature energy blend. Thus, officially uniting their snackability with the fuel gamers need to perform at their peak.

The Energy Quartet
Caffeine. Taurine. Ginseng. Lycine. - GamerFood's powerful combination. This blend is scientifically proven to increase concentration, boost performance, and stimulate metabolism. GamerFood boosts short term memory, helping you solve puzzles faster. More importantly, it increases your reaction speed.

Health Stats
Sunflower seeds - they are salty and delicious so they must be unhealthy right? Wrong! Turns out these puppies pack a health punch too. They are an excellent source of anti-inflammatory/cardiovascular disease preventer know as Vitamin E, they are rich with phytosterols which help lower cholesterol leverls and they contain magnesium that calms nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. They also contain selenium which acts as a detoxifier and helps prevent cancer. Well played sun-flower seeds, well played indeed!

Net Weight 1.875oz, 37.5g (Unshelled), 3.75oz, 75g (Shelled)