Thermaltake Giant III VGA Cooler

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Product Description

The Thermaltake Extreme Giant III VGA Cooler is quite possibly the highest performance VGA Cooler on the market. The Giant III is designed for grueling VGA cooling. The Thermaltake Gaint III Cooler is based off the Giant II in many aspects, but improved upon greatly to make the best cooler available. The new Giant III cooler includes a fan controller which can easily be installed into an open PCI slot, a larger heatsink surface area, dual heatpipe technology, and an extra blower fan for cooling. The all new Thermaltake Giant III Cooler is a sound investment for anyone serious about VGA cooling.

  • Application for video cards with mounting holes on the PCB only
  • Dual heatpipe technology carries the heat more efficiently
  • Much better heat dissipation is delivered by a larger heatsink surface
  • Ventilation channel and blower fan improve the cooling performance
  • Fan speed switch controls the fan at different speed and noise level
  • Universal clip for both nVIDIA and Ati
  • Copper ram sink included, can be applied onto any chipset
P/N A1919
Heatsink Aluminum
Fan Type ReverFlow Fan Blower
Fan Dimension 60x60x10 mm 40x40x40 mm
Rated Voltage 12V 12V
Started Voltage 7V 7V
Speed Controller H, M, L Fan Speed ON/OFF Switch
Bearing Type 1 Ball 1 Sleeve Sleeve
Heatpipe Nickel-plated copper tube ( 5mm)
RAMsink 20x9x6mm (8pcs), copper made