HouseLinc - INSTEON Desktop Software with Portable USB Adapter

HouseLinc - INSTEON Desktop Software with Portable USB Adapter
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Product Description

  • Easily set up scenes for your entire INSTEON network from your laptop computer
  • Schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times and create lighting events
  • HouseLinc-enabled USB adapter doesn't require an outlet to function
  • Background link management means you can make changes while HouseLinc syncs with your INSTEON network
  • New and Improved Device Support: More features for more products
  • Email alerts that go straight to your inbox

Essential Info

HouseLinc - INSTEON Desktop Software with Portable USB adapter gives you the power to manage your entire INSTEON network without being tied down to an outlet. Similar to the HouseLinc with USB Interface (Dual-Band) kit, this version comes instead with a radio frequency (RF) only USB interface which doesn't require plugging into a wall outlet. This is useful when wanting to program your INSTEON network from anywhere in the home using a laptop computer.

Important Notes:
  • The included USB interface sends and receives radio frequency (RF) INSTEON signals. If you are trying to control power line only devices you must have at least one Access Point or dual-band INSTEON product for communication. For best INSTEON network performance, be sure you have properly installed at least two dual-band INSTEON products.
  • HouseLinc requires the included HouseLinc-enabled USB Adapter (or dual-band interfaces included in the USB or Serial kits) and is not compatible with any other INSTEON interface
  • Computer must remain on for timers and triggered events
  • X10 features in HouseLinc are not supported with the included USB adapter