IBreeze Clear Notebook Cooler w/ 2x60mm Fans

IBreeze Clear Acrylic Laptop Cooler w/ 2x60mm Fans
IBreeze Clear Acrylic Laptop Cooler w/ 2x60mm Fans
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Product Description

IBreeze Clear Acrylic Laptop Cooler w/ 2x60mm Fans
The iBreeze is a dual fan-cooled, USB-powered, clear acrylic desk stand for your notebook/laptop. It is powered by the computer's USB port, and provides a passthrough port, so you don't lose the use of that USB port when using the iBreeze. The iBreeze is built to provide quiet cooling, as well as improved ergonomics (by providing a nicely raised angle for using the keyboard).

As notebooks have gotten smaller, thinner, and more powerful, they have also gotten hotter. That heat can make the top and bottom panels uncomfortable to touch, and can, over time contribute to deterioration of your notebook's performance and reliability. Also, using a notebook on a standard height desk surface requires lifting your elbows and curling your fingers down to the keyboard... a decidedly unnatural posture. The iBreeze lifts the rear of your notebook just enough to match the natural angle of your arms, and avoid much of this physical stress and discomfort.

  • Width= 10.9" (fits 12, 15 & 17" 'Books, but perfectly sized for 14.1" screen)
  • Depth= 9.5"
  • Height= 2.25" (at rear)
  • Voltage= 5.0V
  • Current= 130mA
  • Cooling= typically -5 to -15 Degrees F
  • USB Power with pass-through
  • Stylish acrylic design
  • Dual 60x15mm quiet fans