IC Diamond 7 High-Performance Thermal Compound 1.5g

IC Diamond 7 High-Performance Thermal Compound 1.5g
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Product Description

Why settle for silver, when you could have Diamond? The IC Diamond 7 from Innovation Cooling consists of over 92% micronized synthetic diamond, which has over five times the thermal conductivity of silver! Diamond is also a well-known insulator, so you don't have to worry about zapping anything in your rig. IC Diamond 7 was the only compound able to pass accelerated reliability testing, due to it's high bulk loading and the fact that it is harder to pump or bake out a more solid paste as opposed to a lighter-loaded liquid-type paste. Cooling performance is also unmatched, with ICD7 providing an average temperature drop of 2.77C over OCZFreeze, 3.28C over MX-2, 3.38C over the ever-popular Arctic Silver 5, and 4.74C over stock paste in independent testing. To put it plainly, IC Diamond 7 will keep your chip cooler for longer!

  • Thermal Conductivity: 4.5 W/m-K
  • High bulk loading of over 92% micronized synthetic diamond (94% including miscellaneous other particles)
  • Non-conductive and non-capacitive
  • 1.5g tube (7 Carats)