SteelSeries Icemat I2 Mouse Pad - Blue

SteelSeries Icemat I2 Mouse Pad - Blue
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Product Description

SteelSeries Icemat I2 Mouse Pad - Blue
You wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, go home, eat dinner, and go to bed. A pretty average day, except for that little time increment in-between dinner and bed. During that time, you transform from John Doe into JoHNxXxYOUoUT, an elite member of the WAXxXinGyoFaCE Clan. Being such a 1337 dude, you need a 1337 mouse pad.

The SteelSeries Icemat I2 Mouse Pad is one of the finest mouse pads money can buy. Uniquely designed out of textured glass, the Icemat gives the illusion that your mouse is gliding over ice. The textured glass is not only about good looks though. It also provides a high performance, long-lasting mousing surface that is amazingly accurate, and comfortable to use. Their solid glass construction means they won’t bend or loose shape like other mouse pads, and can almost effortlessly be cleaned. So choose SteelSeries Icemat I2 Mouse Pads, because while in real-life you might not hurt a fly, online, you are an ice cold killer.

Dimensions: 250 x 300mm, 10 x 12in