Ideazon Gaming Pack

Ideazon Gaming Pack
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Product Description

Looking for an all-in-one gaming solution to improve your online prowess? Then you need to step into the all-encompassing, super-fantasticle world of the Ideazon Gaming Pack. Boasting a customizable Merc Gaming Keyboard, a GM-200 Gaming Mouse, and a GH-100 Gaming Headset, this full-scale arsenal of gaming gear is here to deliver the best package of online weaponry available.
The Ideazon MERC Keyboard features an integrated gaming terrain that's been rotated 11 degrees for the perfect ergonomic layout. This gaming terrain utilizes a lethal central butterfly layout with three dedicated thumb keys and eleven weapon keys. Core game control commands such as run, walk, crouch, and reload are labeled for quick access at a glance. Infused with Ideazon's Z Engine Technology, the Merc empowers gamers by granting them access to pre-defined key layouts for over 100 PC game titles! Other advantages of the Merc include an enhanced QWERTY layout and multimedia controls...allowing you to be the master of your GUI!
The Ideazon Gaming Pack also includes the GM-200 Gaming Mouse, a fantastic peripheral which provides tremendous control for all your FPS, MMO, RTS and Action games. Rounding out the package is the GH-100, a hardcore gaming headset designed to provide solid comfort, Grade A acoustics, and a crystal-clear microphone for advanced interaction with your online comrades. Gaming Pack Includes:
  • 1 x Merc Gaming Keyboard
  • 1 x GM-200 Gaming Mouse
  • 1 x GH-100 Gaming Headset
Merc Keyboard Features:
  • Dedicated gaming terrain combines 34 gaming keys with a deadly central butterfly layout featuring 3 thumb keys and 11 weapon keys
  • Sleek ergonomic game pad is tilted 11 degrees to match natural wrist position while providing hours of comfortable gaming
  • Core game control commands are labeled for quick access including run, walk, jump, crouch, and reload
  • Multimedia controls and programmable hot keys
  • Enhanced QWERT keyboard for game-play banter, chatting with friends, or standard PC functionality
  • Powered by Z Engine Technology giving gamers pre-defined key layouts for over 100 PC game titles
GM-200 Gaming Mouse Features:
  • 4 button optical mouse with scroll wheel
  • 3 level DPI Adjustment 1,600 - 800 - 400
  • Motion detection up to 37 inches / second
  • Up to 20g acceleration
  • Full speed with data report rate of 500 times / second
GH-100 Gaming Headset Features:
  • Provides clear in-game sound and voice
  • Behind the head / Over the ear format
  • Adjustable microphone
  • In-line volume adjustment
  • Comfortable foam ear pads