SteelSeries MERC Stealth Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries MERC Stealth Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
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Product Description

SteelSeries MERC Stealth Illuminated Gaming Keyboard
There's no better way to say it, the SteelSeries MERC Stealth Illuminated Gaming Keyboard is a keyboard MADE for the hardcore gamer. Features 34 dedicated gaming terrain keys, the MERC Stealth is an ultra-intuitive keyboard that makes it easier than ever to move, crouch, and jump directionally in all of your favorite online games. Tilted at an 11 angle, the terrain keys are refreshingly ergonomic and comfortable, making even the longest all-night gaming sessions a breeze.

For a healthy dose of eye-catching style, this SteelSeries keyboard features 3 different illumination colors (the choices being blue, red and purple). Each and every one of these colors can be set to 4 unique illumination modes, which include subtle, ambient, intense and off.

Providing plenty of additional features, the SteelSeries Merc Stealth also supports simultaneous keystrokes, and includes a number of hot keys for multimedia, navigation and other one-click controls. The keyboard features two USB 2.0 ports, two super-fancy gold-plated microphone and headset jacks, which are all connected through a gold-plated USB connector (Yea, we know, pretty classy).

As an added bonus, each and every key on the MERC Stealth keyboard can be programmed with the powerful SteelSeries Z Engine software. This premium software allowing you to easily program the keys, as well as providing easy-to-use drag-and-drop macro creation.

  • SteelSeries Z Engine (Enables Simple Key Programming)
  • Pre-defined Profiles (for more than 150 games)
  • 3-Color illumination options: blue, purple and red
  • Internal hub with 2 USB ports
  • Anti-ghosting capability: Up to 7 simultaneous keystrokes
  • Unique Gaming Key Area
  • Rubberized Movement Keys (Offering Enhanced Tactile Feedback)
  • 2 port built-in USB 2.0 hub
  • Gold-plated microphone and headset jacks
  • Cable: 1.8 m (6 ft)
  • 1 x USB plug
  • Dimensions: 536 x 201 x 27mm (21.1" x 7.9" x 1.1")
  • Operating systems: Win XP / Vista / Win 2000 / Win 98 / Win ME