Moneual Lab iMON Ultra Bay /w Remote Controller - Black

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Product Description

Buy the SoundGraph iMON Ultra Bay and get yourself laid right back down on the couch permanently because you will never have to get back up to mess with your computer with the iMON’s comprehensive remote control. The iMON Ultra Bay is a double height 5.25' drive bay device that allows you complete control over your computer’s media functions.

It features a glorious Blue Negative Double Film compensated-SuperTwist Nematic display that will rock your eyes right out of their sockets with pimpocity. With the capabilities of showing you Graphic Equalization, System Info, Media Info, Email Notices, Headline News, and your World City Time & Weather, your optical nerves will sizzle with info overload!

The iMON Ultra Bay is compatible with MCE Remote Controller and MCE Keyboard and features Windows compatibility with Vista, XP, ME, 2000, and 98! The included IR remote control is good up to 15 meters away the Ultra Bay’s eye can see 45° in all directions. So take back control of your computer with the iMON Ultra Bay from SoundGraph and get your butt back on the couch where it belongs…your TV misses you.

  • Full compatibility with MCE Remote Controller and MCE Keyboard
  • Supports variable font types including 2 Byte characters
  • Designed to fit in 2 5.25" Drive Bays
  • So Sexy Professional A/V device looking LCD (Blue Negative DFSTN)
  • Multiple LCD display modes: Graphical EQ/System Info/Media Info/Email Check/Headline News/ World City Time & Weather
  • Dual knob navigation system
  • Media playback shortcut buttons
  • Screen Type: Blue Negative Double Film compensated-SuperTwist Nematic (DFSTN)
  • Remote Control Signal: 38KHz Infra-Red Frequency
  • Operation Range: 15 Meters
  • IR Signal Reception Angle: 45° All Directions
  • Interface: USB
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98