In-LineLinc Relay - INSTEON Motion Sensor Floodlight Kit, Bronze

In-LineLinc Relay - INSTEON Motion Sensor Floodlight Kit, Bronze
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Product Description

In-LineLinc Relay - INSTEON Motion Sensor Floodlight Kit, Bronze
  • Automatically turn on lights or be notified when motion is detected
  • Features adjustable on-time duration and motion sensitivity levels
  • Integrated photocell allows for night-only operation
  • Floodlight housing is constructed of plastic and rated for outdoor use
  • Award-winning INSTEON technology provides superior performance and reliability
Standard motion sensor floodlights just turn on their own lights when someone walks past. With this kit you can also have a light switch or lamp inside the house turn on, letting you know there's someone outside. If you're going on vacation, this also gives unwanted visitors the impression that someone is home. Combine multiple floodlight kits and you can have all of them turn on when one is triggered.

You can also remotely control the floodlight from a keypad, a handheld or tabletop remote. You can even control it from your iPhone or any web-enabled device.

Motion Sensor features adjustable time delay, night-only mode, and 110-degree detection zone. Bulbs sold separately.

Required Accessories
  • Light bulbs
What's Included
  • Lighting control module (with sensor, lamp holders and cover plate)
  • Gasket
  • Mounting screws
  • Wire connectors
  • INSTEON In-LineLinc On / Off Module (Non-dimming) w/ Sense
  • 6 Wire Nuts
  • Owner's manual
  • Quick Start Guide
The kit includes an In-LineLinc which connects between the wires in the electrical box and the motion sensor floodlights. This is what enables the motion sensor and lights to be INSTEON-compatible. If you have existing floodlight motion sensors, you may wish to make them INSTEON-compatible by simply purchasing and installing an In-LineLinc Relay.

Avoid Aiming the INSTEON Motion Sensor Floodlight at:
  • Objects that change temperature rapidly, such as heating vents and air conditioners.
  • These heat sources could cause false triggering.
  • Areas where pets or traffic may trigger the control.
  • Nearby large, light-colored objects reflecting light may trigger the shut-off feature. Do not point other lights at the sensor.
  • For proper alignment, make sure the junction box has diagonal mounting.
Manufacturer Product No. 2494MSBN - INSTEON Motion Sensor Floodlight, White
UPC 718122394210
  • Motion Sensor Floodlight, Bronze
  • In-LineLinc Relay - INSTEON On / Off Module (Non-dimming) w/Sense