IntensaFIRE Illuminating Thumbsticks (Yellow & Blue)

IntensaFIRE Illuminating Thumbsticks (Yellow & Blue)
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Product Description

IntensaFIRE Illuminating Thumbsticks (Yellow & Blue)

The IntensaFIRE Illuminating Thumbsticks mod kit for Xbox 360 adds custom LED lighting to any Microsoft Xbox 360 wireless controller. This product consists of two translucent thumbsticks, which are mounted over dual-color LED rings. Once installed, the LEDs light up the thumbsticks from within, for a dazzling effect.

This mod is designed to be effortlessly plugged into the existing connection on the new IntensaFIRE 2.0 Rapid Fire mod (sold separately). When used in conjunction with the IntensaFIRE 2.0, this kit is incredibly easy to install, with no drilling or soldering required. (Experienced modders may also install this mod without the IntensaFIRE 2.0, by soldering it directly to the power pick-up points inside the controller. We have no further information about this installation method.)

Each Illuminating Thumbstick kit is sold in a 2 color combination, with a third color created by lighting the 2 colors at the same time. There are 6 intelligent lighting modes possible for maximum customization options:

Custom Lighting Modes:

  • Solid color #1
  • Solid color #2
  • Colors #1 and #2 at once
  • Flashes all colors simultaneously
  • Flashes all colors alternating
  • All colors pulse

    *Note - When you receive the product, the LEDs are in the back of the packaging. We think it was a bad packaging choice by the manufacturer, too, but hey, we're just trying to help you out.