iSky Water 300 Water Cooling Kit (Refurb)

iSky Water 300 Water Cooling Kit (Refurb)
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Product Description

iSky Water 300 Water Cooling Kit (Refurb)
Factory Refurbished, under warranty.

The iSkyWater 300 is a new generation cooling system for desktop PC. The liquid cooling system is designed for the best thermal solution of CPU, the most important component of your PC. The iSkyWater 300 provides a low noise, high performance and reliable cooling system.

The liquid cooling system is motivated by pump tank group, waterblock, radiator, tubes and coolant and other components. It is also easy to install with various water blocks by contiguous tubes. The water blocks of motherboard, VGA card and memory are available as for your options.


24cm Radiator and 120X25mm Fan
  • Radiator Dimension : 300(L)X 124(W)X 35(H)mm
  • Radiator Material: Copper tubes with aluminum fins
  • Radiator Weight: 900g
  • Fan Dimension: 120(L)x120(W)x25(H)mm
  • Fan Speed: 1200(7V)-1800 R/min
  • Rated Voltage: DC12V
  • Rated Current: 0.29A
  • Max. Air Flow: 62.7CFM
  • Bearing Type: Sleeve
  • Noise: 31.1dBA
  • Connector: 3Pin
CPU Water Block
  • Dimension: 45(L) X 45(W) X30(H)mm
  • Weight: 180g
  • Material: Copper
  • Applications: Intel LGA 2011/1366/1155/1156/775
  • AMD AM3 / AM2 / AM2+ / AM3 / AM3+
Pump & Tank
  • Rated Voltage: DC 12V Rated Current : 0.41A
  • Max. Water Lift: 200 cm-H2O
  • Flow Rate: 72L/Hr Tank Capacity : 150ml
  • Connector: 3Pin
  • Weight: 330g
Tube Type, Coolant and Accessory
  • Thread Inner: G1/4"
  • Tube Dimension: OD 8mm/ ID 6mm
  • Tube Length: 300 cm
  • Tube Material: PU
  • Tube Lifespan: 2 years
  • Tube Max. Temperature : 50C
  • Coolant Material: Water& Propylene Glycol
  • Coolant Capacity: 250 C.C.
  • Anti-Freeze: -5C
  • Coolant Lifespan: 2 years